Who is DJ Flubbel?
I am a Christian (non-profit) DJ and producer from the Netherlands. My goal is to spread the Gospel using electronic dance music (EDM) and hardstyle.

My core message:
♥ God loves you the way you are, He is waiting for you with open arms. And you always get a second chance! ♥

Great to see you! Feel free to contact me and let me know if you have questions or need prayer.

River Flows in You (EP)

Hardstyle charity EP, Released 2019
For more info, download or streaming go here.

Eat, Sleep, Praise, Repeat

Hardstyle, Released 2017 with Kasiyya
Available @iTunes, Amazone, Google, Spotify.

Graceland Anthem (EP)

EDM, Released 2016 with Kasiyya
Available @iTunes, Amazone, Google, Spotify.

Remix Project (2020)

Christian Hardstyle Remix Project
Together with 7 artists from all over the world, dedicated to spread the Gospel (the message of love) using modern hardstyle.

Merry Hardstyle Christmas

Album 5 (Christmas EP)
Let’s shine some light in the hardstyle scene! An album for charity, feat. The WLF, Resonant Force, Coroxxon, Stryptic and Irene Kruit.

Christian Hardstyle (2015)

Album 3 (Ecovata and G&D)
With the release of "Christian Hardstye" a new style has evolved in 2015, with a powerfull sound that will pierce the dephts of your soul.


Contact information

DJ Flubbel
The Netherlands
Contact: DJflubbel.com


"Praise Him with the lead synth, praise Him with the keys & strings, praise Him with the sounding drums. Praise the Lord!"
- #Psalm 150:3-6 by DJ Flubbel.

Tags: Christian EDM, Christian electronic dance music, CEDM, harddance, techno, gospel dance, gospel house, Gospel Hardstyle, UK hardcore, praise, worship, hardhouse, Christelijke dance muziek.